About Us

TREC was created to solve a problem.

We recognise the concern about the growing global climate crisis, and realize that we all need to do our part to ease our impact on the earth.

We also recognize the growing shortcomings of the South African electrical infrastructure to provide you and your family with a basic need. Keeping the lights on.

The cost of electricity in South Africa keeps increasing, whilst the supply thereof keeps decreasing.

The sole purpose of TREC is to stand by you through trying times.

To provide, not only a system to help you diminish the effects of your carbon footprint, and to help you through the constant power-outages, but also a concrete support infrastructure to help you navigate through the massive amounts of contradicting information and uncertainty out there surrounding renewable energy and the governmental legislation surrounding it.

We live where you live. We share your experiences.


Our Core Principles

We will never mislead our customers into thinking they need more than what they actually do.​

We will always strive to treat our customers fairly, and to be completely transparent with our quotes and services.

We will never add charges that had not been explained and accepted.


“Solar energy – Today’s resource for a brighter tomorrow!”

Why not start saving on electricity now?

Our Professional team is ready to assist with any enquiries you may have